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Online Guide to Haskovo, Bulgaria
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Tourism and sights in Haskovo and the region
The Bulgarian National Revival Houses

The beautiful houses of the Bulgarian national revival period, built in Haskovo in the mid 19th century, were a phenomenon in the boring town scenery.  Property of wealthy traders and crafters, they show the grown welfare and national self-reliance of their owners, but also the new art trends of the time. The decorated ceilings with fretwork, the great number of windows, columns, cornices, oriels and French fashions reflect architectural influences from other cities and mainly – Plovdiv. 

The Theatre

The first performance was in 1879. The starring actor in Haskovo, who is among the founders of the National Theatre, presented on a school stage the play of Konstantin Velichkov “Nevyanka and Svetoslav”. With this performance he cast the foundations of the theatre activity in Haskovo to which he devoted several years of his life. In 1919 several amateur actors founded the Haskovo Drama Theatre, but its performances were at a low artistic level due to the absence of a professional team. 

The Unknown Soldier Memorial in Haskovo
The Unknown Soldier Memorial has been there on the central city square for almost 80 years. The initiative to put it there belongs to the people of Haskovo and commemorates all the soldiers killed in the Balkan Wars of 1912 – 1918 from the region of Haskovo.
The Nymph sanctuary by the village of Kasnakovo
This is the best preserved Thracian sanctuary and the only Nymphaeum in Bulgaria. In 1968 it was declared a National Cultural Site. The Nymph sanctuary is situated in a picturesque area at about a kilometer and a half to the South-East of Kasnakovo village, lying on the border between Haskovo and Dimitrovgrad Municipalities.
Virgin Mary's statue
The biggest statue in the world of Virgin Mary holding the child Jesus in her hands stands on the hill of Yamacha in Haskovo. It is one of the symbols of the city. The Statue is 14 m high and is placed on 17 m foundation for which reason it was included in Guinness World Records. The statue was designed by group of sculptors headed by Petyo Aleksandrov and Nikola Stoyanov.

Незайния воин

Читалище Заря

Централна улица

Изглед от Хасково

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