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Online Guide to Haskovo, Bulgaria
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Do you know that
  • The people of Haskovo are the first Bulgarians who watched a film only 6 years after the birth of the cinema in Paris. The first film show in Haskovo in 1901 was made by the photographer and painter – Hristo Arnaudov, who bought from some foreigner “cinematographer” 11 films and explained to the citizens what happened on the screen.
  • Haskovo has almost the same latitude as Rome, Barcelona, Tbilisi.
  • With its 7 thousand year history Haskovo is one of the oldest settlements in Bulgaria.
  • The Aida Peak /not far from Haskovo/ has nothing to do with the famous opera of the Italian Composer Verdi. In translation from Turkish “aidaa” means “bear mountain” and the name of the peak /860m/ is to be translated as Mechkovets.
  • According to scientific research, the hilly area of Haskovo had been completely covered with forests before it was populated.
  • The Thracian tribe Asti had once lived in the area of Haskovo, the area was called Astika – the name of the famous beer still produced in Haskovo.
  • The earliest known name of Haskovo is Marsa. It was mentioned for the first time in 1792 in the Short History of Spiridon.


Площадът през 1923

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