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Virgin Mary's statue
The biggest statue in the world of Virgin Mary holding the child Jesus in her hands stands on the hill of Yamacha in Haskovo. It is one of the symbols of the city. The Statue is 14 m high and is placed on 17 m foundation for which reason it was included in Guinness World Records. The statue was designed by group of sculptors headed by Petyo Aleksandrov and Nikola Stoyanov.
The statue
The statue
The official inauguration was 8th September 2003, the day of Haskovo and it was executed personally by the Bishop of Plovdiv just in front of the statue of the God’s Mother, which has not got an analogue in the whole world. The statue is made of polymer-concrete and weighs 80 tons, and its total height exceeds 31 meters. Because of its record size and suitable location the Statue can be seen from any spot of the city, even at night. There is a small chapel built down at the pedestal towards which a big Christian cross is directed.
Centuries on end, St. Mary has been considered a patron of the city, therefore by Decision of the Municipal Council of 1993 the date 8th September was determined day of Haskovo /The Day of Virgin Mary’s Birth/. By tradition, many cultural and sports events take place at that time in Haskovo organized by the Municipality.

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