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The Theatre

The first performance was in 1879. The starring actor in Haskovo, who is among the founders of the National Theatre, presented on a school stage the play of Konstantin Velichkov “Nevyanka and Svetoslav”. With this performance he cast the foundations of the theatre activity in Haskovo to which he devoted several years of his life. In 1919 several amateur actors founded the Haskovo Drama Theatre, but its performances were at a low artistic level due to the absence of a professional team. 

The Theatre
The Theatre
In August 1921, the efforts of the local enthusiasts were crowned with success – the Rhodope Public Theatre was born, having its seat in Haskovo. The building of the local theatre – “Odeon”, was officially opened on 19 December 1926 – on the day of St. Nicolas. For the theatre building were spent BGN 3,5 million, collected by the municipal treasury, as well as by voluntary donations and by the special lottery organized in town.

Since then, a heap of talented Bulgarian actors have worked in the Haskovo Thetare – Ivan Dimov, Georgi Stamatov, Viara Delcheva, Ivan Kondov, Georgi Cherkelov, Vasil Mihaylov, Asen Shopov, Ivan Dobchev, Zlatina Todeva, Georgi Nalbantov, Ivan Chaushev and many others.

On 8 September 2004, the President of the Republic of Bulgaria Georgi Parvanov, cut the band of the fully renovated Drama and Puppet Theatre in Haskovo, which is called after one of the best Bulgarian dramatic and cinema actors – Ivan Dimov. The event coincided with the official celebration of the 125th anniversary of the theatre life in the town.

According to the specialist, the reconstructed building of the Haskovo Theatre is one the most beautiful ones in the country, and some the most famous Bulgarian actors and directors play on its stage.


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