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The Bulgarian National Revival Houses

The beautiful houses of the Bulgarian national revival period, built in Haskovo in the mid 19th century, were a phenomenon in the boring town scenery.  Property of wealthy traders and crafters, they show the grown welfare and national self-reliance of their owners, but also the new art trends of the time. The decorated ceilings with fretwork, the great number of windows, columns, cornices, oriels and French fashions reflect architectural influences from other cities and mainly – Plovdiv. 

Image One of the most beautiful  houses in Haskovo is the one of the rich trader – Pascal , known until today as the Pascal House. Apart from the wood-carved ceilings, one is also attracted by the semi-circle veranda on the upper floor of the house. Today, it is a museum, showing the exposition “The town life-style of Liberation period”.

Well-preserved is also another revival period house of the mid 19th century – the Shishman house.  It was owned by another wealthy local trader and protector of the Bulgarian national spirit – Hritodul Valchev Shishmanov. Nowardays there is an exposition there “Home craft from the Haskovo region”, stressing on the development in weaving, wool processing, cotton spinning and silk processing almost two centuries ago.

Among the most beautiful revival period houses in the old part of the town are the Karapetkov’s house and the Garkov’s house, built in the first half of the 19th century.


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